Linux Distributions are a Closed Software Environment

Closed? How can that be? The whole premise of most Linux Distributions is to be a free and open environment for users and developers. What I mean is that software packages available on the web or on distributable media often don’t work on Linux. Valid examples are software from game publishers and bleeding edge software. For example, people who use the Fedora distribution (could be SUSE, Ubuntu…) install new software packages via its package manager called yum.

The Future of Technology

What is the future of technology and our digital toys? The future is big screens. Digital screens, like LCDs that are a thin as paper and a large as you wall. Heck, they’re probably even on your wall. Ubiquitous advertisements. Why? They appear in games, they appear in product placements on all the new movies. Google is funded by advertisements on free web applications; their whole business strategy is to move more services onto the web so more people are available to watch and click on advertisements.