Yii Override Command Parameters

Mon, Jul 11, 2011 One-minute read

The Yii Framework is very flexible and has a variety of way you can configure it. Here I will show you how you can customize parameters on a Command task.

The default Yii Migration command asks the user for a confirmation before running if there are any tables that have been changed, this is quite a sensible default, but I don’t want to be asked if the command should be run after a deployment. Of course it should be.

To see what options can be configured, open the Migrations file


Any of the public class variables can be configured in your config/console.php file. Using the commandMap parameter, you can configure values for Yii Commands. Then specify the migrate task, and then the config values you want to change. In this case, I want to change interactive to false, so it won’t ask for a confirmation.

Sample config/console.php:

return array(
  // database migration, don't ask for confirmation