Debugging Form Errors in symfony 1.3+

Thu, Apr 15, 2010 One-minute read

Symfony 1.3 (or symfony 1.4) provides an incredibly helpful feature to help debug forms. This new feature is included in the developer toolbar and shows valuable information about the forms on the page. To access the detailed form information, click on the view button, click on the template or partial that the form is in, and then click to expand the form. It lists each form widget and if any errors for a given widget exist they are shown right under it. Errors are also highlighted to make them easy to spot.

form widget view

The symfony debug toolbar will look like this when there is a validation error in one of the forms on the current page. This is one of the most incredibly useful features I’ve seen and greatly improves productivity while building forms in the symfony framework. Congratulations to the symfony developers who came up with this tool!

symfony debug toolbar 1.4

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