Upcoming Web Browser: Safari 5?

What does Apple have on the horizon for Safari as version 4 was just released 2 months ago (June, 2009)? So far we have not heard anything and that isn’t a huge surprise, Apple is a very secrative company. The good news is that Safari is based on the open source WebKit rendering engine, so we can check out the list of feature enhancements added to WebKit since Safari 4 released with AppleWebKit/531.9.

New WebKit features:

On top of expected HTML, CSS, and JavaScript improvements, Apple will surly tweak the web browser again to build the most usable web browser. It could be a long time before we see Safari 5, or they may release an incremental Safari 4.1. Further details will come as now we can only speculate.

Estimated Release Date: June 2011

Update: Apple has indeed released Safari 5 with a tun of new HTML5 features and performance improvements, and a year ahead of my estimate; check it out at the Safari What’s New page.

5 thoughts on “Upcoming Web Browser: Safari 5?”

  1. alirght well please fix the whole facebook chat thing!! thank you also please change how it looks safari 3 looks good safari 4 uh not soo much so yah thats it thank you

  2. Well, turns out you were wrong. A year wrong, by the way. Safari 5 – June 2010.

  3. You’re right. I’m glad to see that Apple is releasing software updates more frequently than in did the past.

  4. I just got Safari 5 and it is horrible. First of all they changed the loading bar in the address and it does not look as good as it was with Safari 4. Second it is a lot slower for me in every website I went to. The only thing I liked was the format and colors they changed when you go to your top sites and they added your history with your top sites. You can view your history through cover flow which is also pretty cool. Those are the problems I saw and Apple should fix.

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