Cache Password Protected Website

Tue, Nov 22, 2011 One-minute read

I needed to write a simple web app to automatically cache a password protected tumblr admin account, so I wrote simple symfony app to do it. It was pretty simple to do because I could leverage the sfWebBrowserPlugin which provides most of the heavy work for simulating a browser and logging into the site.

While this project is setup to cache tumblr, you can easily modify it to cache any website. It’s built in PHP on the symfony framework.

Configure it by changing the apps/frontend/config/app.yml file to add in the blog name, email, and password, with these config parameters: app_tumblr_blog_name, app_tumblr_email, app_tumblr_password

To cache a page, run it via command line:

./symfony tumblr:cache

Source is on github: Cache Tumblr Admin